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My name is Seneral, and I am a german student. I spend a lot of time working on various projects!
Most of what I do now is related to computer vision and electronics, though in the past I mainly did Unity Editor development and sometimes Web Development.
Here are some of the areas I worked on:


My hobby began with 3D-modeling in Blender, which I put to practice for the TESRenewal: Skywind project in 2014. Shortly using the Blender Game Engine, I soon switched to Unity in 2013.

Unity Editor Dev

Please refer to this page for an index on my unity editor tools.

Web Dev

Out of frustration with YouTube and in need for a proper music platform, I built FlagPlayer, a single-page client-side web app frontend for YouTube, in late 2019.

DIY Electronics

In 2016 I started designing and building a 500mm Quadcopter from the ground up (3D Prints, carbon cutting and all). Now in its second version, I had planned to use it as a testbed for various future computer vision and robotics projects.
In the beginning of 2019 I developed a DIY VR headset based on a Raspberry Pi Zero, including a OpenVR driver to interact with SteamVR. It barely worked, and needed much more work to tune the filter. It is no longer worked on in its current version.

Optical Tracking

At the end of 2019 I started working on what would later become the beginnings of the AsterTrack optical tracking system.
Combining many areas of expertise that I had little experience in, this was the largest single undertaking so far.
There is a WIP page as well as a very early code project.


C++ > C# > C > Javascript > python
Please no hate