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My name is Levin Gäher, and I am a german student in my second year of studying computer sciences.
Most of what I do is Unity Editor development, electronic DIY projects and sometimes Web Development - anything that I feel like doing.
Here's an overview of what I've been up to:


My hobby began with 3D-modeling in Blender, which I put to practice for the TESRenewal: Skywind project in 2014. Shortly using the Blender Game Engine, I started developing with Unity in 2013 and quickly focused on editor tools.

Unity Editor Dev

I published my first project in early 2015, the opensource Node Editor Framework for Unity Editor developers.
A lot of unpublished projects around that time ranged from a level editor, mesh decal processing, a character system, and lots of smaller editor stuff.
Most prominently: A GPU Erosion Simulation, which, although started in 2015 and pretty much fully working by now, is still unreleased due to lack of time to finish it (go ahead and bug me if you're interested, feel like there's still a lot of potential here).
Most recently in Unity, I've developed and released TC2 Node Painter, an extension for the popular terrain creation tool Terrain Composer 2.

Web Dev

Out of frustration with YouTube and in need for a proper music platform, I built FlagPlayer, a single-page client-side web app frontend for YouTube, in late 2019.
I guess I've also done this website in 2017.

DIY Electronics

In 2016 I started designing and building a 500mm Quadcopter from the ground up (3D Prints, carbon cutting and all). Now in it's second version, I hope to be able to use it as a testbed for various future projects - most prominently HD wifi stereoscopical FPV with gimbal response to head movements (powered by next two projects, a gimbal and wifibroadcast).
I have a concrete plan for a cheap stereoscopic camera based on two Raspberry Pi Zeros (synced down to 1/255th of a frame) - need more time to put everything together though. Contact if interested.
In the beginning of 2019 I developed a DIY VR headset based on a Raspberry Pi Zero, including a OpenVR driver to interact with SteamVR. Works, but need more time to refine it.


I really want to get into Neural Networks - in many directions, actually, like Computer Vision for autonomous drones. I'm especially interested in NN-based shading (Deep Shading) for artistic rendering (think style transfer but for games). Unfotunately, this requires a lot of resources (like, time), so I haven't been able to tackle this yet (and research in this area is sparse, even though I've been waiting for about two years now).


Knowledge: C# > Javascript > C++ = python = Java >> Haskell = Prolog
Favourite: C# = C++ > python > Javascript > Java > Haskell = Prolog


Apart from that I've also been doing athletics up until 2018, am a passionate music listener of various genres, watch some anime and like traveling to all kinds of places.