Terrain Simulation Suite

What is Terrain Simulation Suite?

It is a GPU-powered shallow water simulation used to simulate processes like erosion (thermal and hydraulic) on terrains right inside Unity.
Currently being WIP, it is intended to havea both filter (immediate) as well as interactive capabilities in order to directly shape your terrain.
Internally the simulation works on 4 different terrain material layers, which allows for complex and realistic terrain simulations.

Standalone Demo

There is a very old, unoptimized standalone demo available to test out the water simulation - it does NOT include any kind of erosion yet.

Some WIP screens of the erosion results:

Eroded terrain V3
Experimental parameters with manual interaction with the water brush.

Eroded terrain V3
Same terrain without material coloring for a detailed heightmap view.

Eroded terrain V2
Earlier parameter settings, no manual interaction.

Eroded terrain V1
Even earlier parameter settings and manual adjustments to rain over time.