Welcome to my developer profile!

My name is Seneral, usually known as Seneral, and I'm a passionate Unity Editor Developer - Here are some of my projects:

TC2 Node Painter - A Terrain Composer 2 extension

TC2 Node Painter allows you to paint TC2 nodes directly in the editor, greatly improving your terrain creation workflow, both procedual and painted.
It helps procedural terrain creators wanting more control over their terrain aswell as terrain painters laying out there terrain manually by offering more options on what to paint. Using this tool you can paint everything, from simple heights and splats over stone fields and forests to whole biomes with little setup required thanks to TC2's simple node editor interface.

Terrain Simulation Suite

This planned tool is a GPU-powered shallow water simulation used to simulate processes like thermal/hydraulic erosion on terrains right inside Unity.
Currently being WIP, it is intended to havea both filter (immediate) as well as interactive capabilities in order to directly shape your terrain.
Internally the simulation works on 4 different terrain material layers, which allows for complex and realistic terrain simulations.

Open Source Node Editor Framework

A project started by me in March 2015 that aims to provide a fully-featured, open source framework for node-based displays and routines.
Through ongoing developement over the past years and many contributors it has now become very flexible and easy to extend.
Working both in the editor and at runtime, it is one of the few editors suitable for runtime applications.
Some unique features have been developed to power the GUI such as the GUI scale hack GUIScaleUtility.